Chapter Patriots

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Did you know that your ancestor -- male or female -- did not have to serve in the military to be a patriot.  There are many other acceptable service qualifications, such as civil service (serving as a town, county or state official), patriotic service (taking an oath of allegiance or providing material aid, such as supplies, to the troops).

Private Ezekiel Avery, CT ~ Lucinda Rogers, spouse
2nd Lieutenant Thomas Dale MD
Private William Garrard, SC ~ Ruth X, spouse
John Gerberich, PA
Peter Hanks III (patriotic service) CT ~ Elizabeth Wyatt, spouse
Private Henry Hahn, Jr., PA ~ Catherine Hill, spouse
Captain Herndon Haralson, NC ~ Mary Murphy, spouse
Private Jabez Healy, MA ~ Grace Bailey, spouse
Robert Deakins Hooker, patriotic service. MD ~ Rukth Prather, spouse
Thomas James, PA ~ Sara Clark, spouse
Samuel Jones, ME ~ Anna X, spouse
Colonel Jonathan Latimer, CT ~ Lucretia Griswold
William Mason, patriotic service, VA ~ Sarah X, spouse
Private Robert McClary, SC ~ Mary Cameron, spouse
Lieutenant Alexander McClelland, PA ~ Catherine Coursen, spouse
Private Joseph Morrison, VA
Sergeant Edmund Newman, VA ~ Mary Conquest Wyatt, spouse
Private William Oates, NC ~ Jean Sloan, spouse
Soldier David Phillips, NC ~ Elizabeth Moredock, spouse
Colonel George Poage, VA ~ Rachel Stevenson, Elizabeth Preston, spouses
Private Willliam Rededick, PA
Private John Simpson, Sr., PA ~ Rebecca Weir, spouse
Private Julius Tozer, CT ~ Hannah Conkling
Private Martin True, VA ~ Mary E. Hill, spouse
Private Benjamin Walker, PA ~ Sophia Vanhorn, spouse
Private Peter Worden, MA ~ Mercy Moon, spouse

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Did you know?  The DAR has a searchable database containing information on proven patriots and descendants of past and present DAR members.  You can browse the collection here.

You can learn more about DAR membership on the National DAR site.