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Chapter Regent
The Springfield Chapter of NSDAR was organized in 1894 by a group of forward-looking women. Each chapter member can trace her lineage to someone - man or woman - who served in a patriotic capacity during the Revolutionary War. Over the years, members have performed a variety of services for local, state, national and world causes as they endeavored to be true to the DAR motto: "God, Home, and Country." During WWI members rolled bandages for the troops. WWII saw collective service by members, as they worked with the Red Cross, as well as helping at the USA centers. They labored to sell War Bonds as a support for the, nation at war.

That spirit continues as chapter members provide comfort items for our veterans. Community work includes sponsoring Good Citizen awards and scholarships to area high school seniors who have shown outstanding leadership abilities. The Eighth Grade History medal is awarded to those students completing eighth grade who have a strong interest in the study of history. We support Tamasse School, one of several DAR schools across the nation, with monetary gifts and other encouraging resources for children in need. Local church organizations have benefited from our mittens, scarfs and hat donations. We have also donated food to food pantries in the area. A free genealogy seminar has been offered to the public for more than forty years. It consists of three sessions and has received a glad welcome from the public. This year as well as the Genealogy seminar of the public, we will have a workshop on the application process for our chapter members. Our Chapter Registrar is available for questions and assistance once a month (the first Wednesday) at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. Genealogic research ranks as one of the most popular hobbies in the country. Naturalization ceremonies are supported with gifts of flags, and a punch and cookie reception for new citizens of our land. Our organization is not just about lineage, but also about being of service to others in our homes, our communities, our nation, and the world.

Please consider joining us as we continue our endeavor to be true to the DAR motto: "God, Home, and Country."

Beverly Dillon
Chapter Regent

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