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About Our Chapter Name

Our chapter name honors the Old Goshen Road which was once the major land road from Shawneetown on the Ohio River in deep southeastern Illinois to the Land of Goshen southwest of Edwardsville.

The Old Goshen Road followed an old Indian trail which, before the Indians, may have been a buffalo trace. Southern Illinois was then a wilderness, inhabited only by an occasional hunter. Before the Civil War, migration into Southern Illinois was booming. The United States Congress had chartered two towns — Shawneetown and Washington, D.C. It was in Shawneetown that the United States Land Office was located.

The Goshen Road meanders along in a northwesterly direction, intersecting the exact corner of Franklin, Jefferson and Hamilton counties. In Jefferson County, a small section of the Road is still visible in the small town of Opdyke. It crosses the highway and railroad and then disappears. However, the road continued through Jefferson County, passing near Lynchburg and then turning west through the Dix and Walnut Hill areas and finally ending at Peters Station in the Land of Goshen area south of Edwardsville.

Historic Marker
Historic marker erected by the Jefferson County Historical
Society and the Illinois State Historical Society in   1973.