Oaklawn Cemetery - Formerly Known as Barnsback Cemetery
Edwardsville, Illinois

The Colonel Benjamin Stephenson Society NSCAR which is sponsored by the Edwardsville-Drusilla Andrews Chapter NSDAR recently took photos of the graves at the Oaklawn Cemetery in Edwardsville.

Oaklawn Cemetery


Adams, D. Beverley Turner
Autery, Iva L. and Neva M.

Bailey, Nancy K.
Baierlein, Charles W.
Baierlein, Otto G. and Dymple M.
Bardelmeier, Henry W. and Emma
Barnett, Joseph R. and Bess M.
Barnsback large modern stone
Barnsback (base)
Barnsback, Anna Willoughby
Barnsback, Emily
Barnsback, Geo. F. J.
Barnsback, George W.
Barnsback, Jacob J. b 1808
Barnsback, Jacob J. d 1880
Barnsback, Jeremiah and John Barnsback
Barnsback, John J.
Barnsback, Julius A.
Barnsback, Julius A. Jr.
Barnsback, Mary
Barnsback, Mary Ann J.
Barnsback, Nancy L.
Barnsback, Thomas J.
Barnsback, W. L.
Barnsback, William W.
Belle, Alma
Blacket, Hanna S.
Bollinger, Anna
Bollinger, August C. and Margaret J.
Bollinger, Beverly
Bollinger, Charles F. and Catherine
Bollinger, Charles J. and Anna A.
Bollinger, Clifford G. and Madeline L.
Bollinger, Edward J.and Mamie
Bollinger, Fred
Bollinger, John
Bollinger, John H.
Bollinger, Oliver W. and Mary A.
Bollinger, Oliver
Bosomworth, Alice R.
Bosomworth, Betty Ann
Bosomworth, Harry E.
Bosomworth, James J.
Bosomworth, James and Maggie
Bosomworth, James M.and Margaret E. Bosomworth
Bosomworth, John B.
Bosomworth, John K. and Minnie
Bosomworth, William and Mary Jane
Burk, Anna Josephine
Burk, James Edward
Burr, George S. and Cloda M.
Burr, George Stanley Jr.
Busse, Herbert and Edna
Buster, Elwood L.

Cartwright, Edward E.
Cartwright, Edward E. and Evelene H.
Chesser, Earl H.
Clark, William E. and Claribel M.
Conway, Raymond and Estella
Cora M.
Corbett, Marie

Davis, J. W.
Demscy, Adolph C. and Ethel M.
Dora M.
Drda, Jack H. and Marguerite E.
Duncan, Michael L.
Duncan Michael L.

Earth Has Lost Its Gladness
Elbert A.
Elkhoff, Frederick and Johanna

Feldmeier, August W. and Josephine
Feldmeier, & Herrington Babies
Feldmeier, Otto C. and Lily
Feldmeier, Frederick W. and Sophie
Feldmeier, George A. R. and Hilda K. L.
Findley, Thelma Brooks
Fisher, August A. and Cora Mae
Fisher, Albert L. and Isabelle L.
Fisher, Emma
Fisher, Esther M.
Frangen, William and Ritchie nee Jones

Handlon, Bill and Mae
Handlon, George
Handlon, George T. and Minnie D.
Handlon, Matthias
Handlon, Rhoda M.
Herrington & Feldmeier Babies
Honican, Frieda M.

Infant Daughter 13 December 1909

Jennie S.
Jones, Esther J.
Joyner, Louis K.
Joyner, Louis K. and Olive I.

Kimberlin, Henry Kimberlin, Margaret Kinder, Amos O.
Kinder, Cora M.
Kinder, E. J.
Kinder, Geo.
Kinder, Harry B.
Kinder, Harry P. and Tallie E.
Kinder, Isabel J.
Kinder, J. J. Capt.
Kinder, James N.
Kinder, Lester M. and Mary J.
Kinder, Nathaniel B.
Kinder, Sarah M.
Kinder, William W. and Minnie
Kimberlin, Henry and Margaret
Kinder, James N.
Kinder, Kate M.
Kinder, Nelson M.
Kinder, Phebe Osborn
Kinder, R. Frank
Kinder, Ralph P. and Bessie M.
Kipp, Henry E.
Kipp, Louise M.
Kline, Jennie A.
Knecht, Bertha
Knecht, Charles W.
Knecht, E. Philip
Knecht, Henry
Knecht, Mildred E.
Knecht, Philip
Knowles, Edwin J.
Knowles, George H.
Kreider, DeVera L.
Kuethe, Anna E.
Kuethe, Fred H.
Kuethe, Gladys
Kuethe, Raymond

Osborn, Phebe nee Kinder

Lee, Lemuel C.
Loehnberg, Alice A.
Loehnberg, Alice M.
Loehnberg, Catherine
Loehnberg, George A.
Loehnberg, Georgia A.
Loehnberg, Grace V.
Loehnberg, Louis M.
Loehnberg, Mary I.
Loehnberg, Ruth E.
Loge, Lester E. and Anna Marie

Mahler, Anna M.
Mahler, Emma
Mahler, George W.
Marler, Beulah M. nee Herrington E.
Martin, Alma Edna nee McKittrick
Martin, George L.
Martin, Sarah Martha McKittrick
Mather, Charles
Mayer, Janet L.
McK. C. (near McKee or McKittrick?)
McKee, Albert B.
McKee, Charles B.
McKee, John
McKee, Julia (Bosey)
McKee, Nancy H.
McKittrick, Eliza
McKittrick, James
McKittrick, Lula E.
McKittrick, Martha E.
McKittrick, Mary A.
McKittrick, Mary E.
McKittrick, Nellie G.
McKittrick, William
McKittrick, William J.
Miller (base)
Miller, Edward J. and Mamie H.
Miller, George H.
Miller, George J.
Miller, John E.
Miller, Ralph J.
Mills, James
Minter, Amanda
Minter, Ann Maria
Minter, John
Minter, Thomas
Monroe, James
Montgomery, Alice
Montgomery, Alice (infant)
Montgomery, Alice Faber
Montgomery, Elbert David
Montgomery, Elbert Edmund
Montgomery, James
Montgomery, Lucille E.
Montgomery, May
Montgomery, Nelson
Montgomery, Robert J.
Montgomery, Zeph W.
Montgomery, Zephainah J.

Nash, Fanny M.
Nelson, James
Novak, Augusta
Novak, Joseph (older)
Novak, Joseph
Novak, Mary
Novak, Rudolph
Novak, William

Olson, Isabelle
Olson, Wm. Edward

Page, Alvin
Payne, Charles C.
Peat, Esther
Poos, Louisa
Porter, William R.
Posey, Chesley J.
Posey, Jubilee
Posey, Julia A.
Posey, Maude J.
Primas, Emma A.
Primas, Joseph M.
Prott, Henry
Prott, Minnie

Rinkel, George C.
Rinkel, Minnie D.
Rinkel, Virginia D.
Rudde, Fred W. and Rose Mary

Sasek, Albert
Sasek, C.S.
Sasek, P.S.
Schafer, Anna C. (nee Otto)
Schafer, John C.
Schaefer, Lena E.
Schlecht, Harry F. and Donna L.
Schon, Anna
Schon, George
Schoon, John J.
Schoon, Louise
Schoon, Louise S.
Schramm, Esther
Shashek, Elizabeth
Shashek, Goldie
Shashek, Irene L. (Drda)
Shashek, Clyde
Shashek, William F.
Sheppard, R. J.
Sheppard, R. J. Jim and O. M. Sandy Sheppard
Simpson, Edna
Simpson, Babies
Simpson, Lena
Simpson, Leslie Leroy
Simpson, Lester
Simpson, William
Sophie M.
Staaf, Arnold J.
Staaf, Elsie W.
Steinhage, Ernest E.
Steinhage, Ernest E. military
Steinhage, Julia E.
Strasen, Fern E.
Strasen, Henry Sr.
Strasen, Virgil D.

Thurman O.
Tracy, William Dean and Lucille Joan
Turner, Earl Howard
Turner, Earl Howard and D. Beverley Turner Adams
Turner, James E. and Mary E.

Valine, Clara L.
Valine, Edward
Valine, Laverne, I.
Vance, Charles A.
Vance, Guy A.
Vance, J. A.
Vance, Nancy E.
Vance, Rhoda W.
Veith, Richard, Margaret and Scott

W. James
Walker, L. Earl and Eva F.
Walliser, Albert G. and Joyce M.
Welker, Laban
Wiltshire, Anna

Ziegler, Albert E. and Irene M.
Ziegler, Bobby O.
Ziegler, Emma.
Ziegler, Fred O.
Ziegler, Frieda J.
Ziegler, Henrietta L.
Ziegler, Otto W. and Ruby R.
Ziegler, William
Zimmerman, Jacob
Zimmerman, Jacob

Infant Daughter December 13, 1909